AIS Error Checks – Health Features


HF01 - No Health Features Recorded

Error Colour Code:

Error Brief Description: Check to ensure that this section is completed.                  
Location: Health> Health Histories >Feature>Maintain Health Feature> Feature Category

How to fix this error?


Please note: If the client or their representative stated that the condition/s have been formally diagnosed, the worker must record the condition/s on AIS. It is not compulsory to seek confirmation of diagnosis from a medical professional


Go to Health tab in the purple sidebar menu in AIS. Click on Health Histories tab



Click on Add Feature



Select the appropriate option from the drop- down list in Feature Category



Also select the appropriate option in Feature* from the drop-down list


Enter the date you are entering the information and select the appropriate level from the drop-down list.



Select Self-Diagnosed if the client or their representative has informed you the condition has been formally diagnosed. Select Medically Diagnosed if you have received of diagnosis from a medical professional.

Enter any relevant notes in the free text box.



Click on “Save” icon                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    



If it is relevant to add a Disability, click on Add Disability


Select Physical or Learning, as relevant, by selecting the appropriate radio button



Select the appropriate level of disability accordingly for Physical or Learning from the drop-down list and Save.


If someone has No health condition, then the health condition to select would be “No RELEVANT LONG TERM HEALTH CONDITIONSin Feature Category



“No RELEVANT LONG TERM HEALTH CONDITIONS” also needs to be selected in Feature*, then SAVE





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